We began Les Niçois with a mission to spread the sunny French Riviera spirit to the rest of the world.
For generations, our family has perfected recipes which have been kept secret – but they were just too good not to share. Les Niçois crafted line of aperitifs are perfect to enjoy with friends and family.
Guaranteed to be the life of the party, our aperitifs will brighten up any table. All that we ask from you is that you enjoy every bite!
Luc and Olivier

After the restaurant, we wanted to create a range of apéro. It is Sarah from Colette who trust us to deliver our first order. We were delivering our little tapenade packages on scooters!  New job, we started to work for the restaurant and for the orders in our office at the same time. We began to delivering by car and then by truck. And then, we hired a team to take care of 1000 clients today. 

At our home, at your home, you are in the South. You have time to waste your time. Enjoy it, it has no price. As a Niçois proverb says, “Noun passa tempe que noun revengue” which means :  there is no time spent that does not end up coming back.

Luc, Olivier and the whole team Les Niçois